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What I don’t know about gamification within recruitment you can put on the back of a postage stamp, providing that stamp is about the size of London! However, despite my technophobic nature, I am nonetheless curious about advances within my chosen field of recruitment, and even though it may still be quite raw, I am reasonably confident gamification within assessment will be a growing feature in a companies’ armoury to engage and acquire the most suitable talent.

If, like me, this is a subject you’d be interested to gain more insight into, or indeed if you are actively using, or thinking about using Game Based Assessments in the future, then you may want to view the recording of this webinar ‘The Evidence for Game Based Assessment’ hosted by Ben Williams, Founder of the Assessment Design consultancy Sten10. Ben and I first met about 5 years ago (both as fledgling business owners), and he’s been looking into this subject recently having been involved in developing some game based assessments for his clients. He has been asked to present his findings to the British Psychological Society in September, but he ran this webinar last week and it was designed to be more accessible to the ‘lay’ person involved in candidate assessment too, not just for Occupational Psychologists. You should probably have some knowledge of the use of psychometric assessment to make use of this though.

In the webinar, Ben gives an impartial view of Game Based Assessment – he doesn’t work for any of these developers, so brings a critical view to it from the perspective of an occupational psychologist with considerable expertise in assessment design.

This link will take you to Ben’s webinar recording.

The webinar lasts about 1 hour, and in brief gives some insight into the following themes.

  • Gamed Based Assessment vs Gamification
  • The abilities and behaviours these methods may tend to assess, some traditional (persistence, V/N/A, EI) and some less common (working memory, attention span)
  • Who are some of the leading games based assessment developers
  • Reliability & Validity
  • Candidate engagement

Hopefully you’ll find this webinar useful and interesting, and something to ponder for the future. Ben’s contact information is also available at the end of the webinar should you have specific questions.

At last, those hours at university wiled away on Super Mario Karts and Mortal Combat will now come into their own!