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The challenge of building organisational resilience has never been a hotter topic for HR & Business leaders.

Here are some stark stats:

  • 67% workers have suffered from burn-out at some point
  • 42% of people consider leaving their jobs because of burn-out
  • Stress is the No.1 cause of long-term absence, and workload is the biggest contributor
  • Half of employees feel they can’t be honest about absence for mental health, and would rather speak to a robot than their line manager

The unrelenting workloads, uncertainty and disconnection that persists in our covid impacted world are increasing the risks of burn-out, isolation, disengagement and sliding performance. Wellbeing has never been more important on a personal and business level.

There isn’t a silver bullet for this, but it’s probably fair to say we can learn a lot more on the subject, and that’s why we hosted guest speaker Kevin Chapman, Client Director at Companies in Motion for the first event in our ‘in conversation’ series. Kevin brought together his vast experience and knowledge as both a business leader and change, communications and leadership development expert to give a fantastic presentation at our recent webinar.

With a strong link to the concept of Physical Intelligence from Companies in Motion, Kevin stressed not only the importance of managing physical wellbeing (often overlooked) but offered some great insight and practical advice on ways to address this and improve personal and business performance.

Some of the themes covered included:

  • The changing mood of the public during covid and how leaders need to react
  • Who ‘own’s employee wellbeing in business – leaders, HR, line managers, individuals?
  • Do we have the skills to manage wellbeing?
  • Physical Intelligence Cocktail shaker to manage the chemistry of your bodies (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin) to positively impact resilience, endurance, flexibility and strength
  • Innovations to explore: Bio-hacks, The Forgiveness Project, The Comedy School

Here’s some feedback from some of our HR leadership attendees:

“I found it particularly helpful hear about innovative techniques to explore in terms of building my own and my teams’ resilience and well-being. I have attended a few training events in this area and they often repeat the same information, i.e. the importance of sleep, healthy diet, exercise etc, which I think we all know but don’t tend to always do. But this webinar has provided some quick, easy techniques and ideas to explore further to put it all into practice. Very thought provoking, thank you very much.”

“Great topic, timely after 7 months of covid and more restrictions on the way. I like to focus on practical ‘what can you do’ as well as an explanation of the ‘why’.”