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Consulting & Advisory

Our Consulting & Advisory service is designed to provide employers with an agile resource to support with their Talent Acquisition plans and strategic People objectives.

Whether directly from our team, or pulling from our trusted network of associates, we can deploy expert resource to embed with your business at short notice and with a level of flexibility that will perfectly meet your requirements.

You get the value that comes from having a trusted resource, who knows your business and can quickly meet your operational needs, but also offer insightful, relevant, strategic advice to optimise talent acquisition or strategic people initiatives in your company.

We’d most typically engage with SME’s in growth mode on an ongoing, ad hoc or part-time basis, but also support larger firms to undertake specific projects or short term assignments. Our flexible charging structure also ensures you’ll only be paying for the time you use to maximise the value of the resource at your disposal.

HR Advisory

Our HR Advisory service is designed for businesses that need access to a strategic level HR support to help their business grow, mature or transform. Our network of leadership level HR professionals has been built over several decades and as such we’re ideally placed to help our clients engage with the right, flexibly deployed HR resource to support your business with its strategic People objectives.

We have an exceptional pool of independent HR Associates with proven experience covering the following:

  • Developing a People Strategy: collaborate with an experienced HR leader who’ll help you define, shape and set an implement a People strategy that can help optimise organisational performance.
  • Executive Coaching & Development: enable your business leaders and high potential performers to maximise their impact with the support of qualified and deeply experienced 1-1 and team coaching professionals.
  • Employee Engagement & HR Communications: get a fresh external perspective to ensure you’re connecting with your workforce with your company vision and values.
  • Mediation & Industrial Relations: mitigate the risks to your business with the technical expertise and know-how to manage potentially thorny workforce conflicts.
  • Organisational Change & Transformation: consult with an expert if looking to make transformational change to your People operations.
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: connect with the expertise from within our network to help take tangible strides to create a more equitable, diverse and inclusive culture in your organisation.
  • Assessment Services: if you’re looking to use assessment tools for individuals, your teams or even organisation-wide, we have a network with experience with a vast range of tools that can support you with.

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Why are we different

When you talk to The Highfield Partnership looking for interim support for a resourcing or HR project, you’re not just tapping into the expertise we can offer, but also that of our quality controlled network of dedicated specialised consultants. We invest time to cultivate and vet this network, using search techniques to ensure the high calibre of those within it, and promoting a spirit of altruism.

Our specific intention was to create a service that can be deployed with a flexibility and continuity to meet the situational needs of our clients.

What’s more, if we’re not able to deliver directly for you, we’ll be happy to refer you to other high quality interims that we’d stake our reputation on, or even other recruitment firms that we hold in high regard.