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The Highfield Partnership was formed with an aspiration to offer more – to our clients, contacts in our network but also in the wider community. We’re in a privileged position to have worked with so many outstanding HR professionals and we actively partner with like-minded, tried & tested, subject matter experts whom we believe will complement our ability to offer value adding solutions, customised to the employer or individual.

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Identifying prospective talent for your business is one thing, ensuring you take the right decision of whom to appoint is another! Each assignment is different, and where appropriate we’d sometimes recommend the use of assessment tools or exercises to offer more insight in a candidates’ behavioural profile or competencies. Amongst our team we have accredited assessors in a number of Psychometric Assessment tools, but we also partner boutique assessment consultancies when more detailed occupational psychology expertise is required to provide more customised solutions.


You’ve found the right person – well done…but does this guarantee they’ll be successful? Could you do more to help them really make the impact you hired them for? Many firms have found great success by using expert coaches to help new leadership appointees establish themselves – be it the critical first 100 days, or addressing behaviours to emerge from a selection process. We partner with accomplished executive development professionals and certified Master Coaches who have pedigree working in large multi-nationals and leading consulting firms.

Career conversations

You don’t have to be looking for a new job to find value in speaking to someone about your career aspirations, in fact sometimes such conversations can prove more fruitful than you’d expect. Our wealth of experience in recruitment and proximity to today’s market allow us to provide insight, impartial advice and sometimes act as a sounding board – all within the strictest confidence of course. On a practical level we can also give tips to help you in a successful career search too, such as interviewing successfully, CV preparation, marketing yourself effectively, network introductions.


There are times in most people’s working lives when they may feel they’ve moved into a leadership role and feel in at the deep end, and without the comfort of having a mentor figure who can offer affirmation for their actions, advice on how to approach a new situation, or generally act as sounding board. In such instances there can be real benefit to establish a mentoring relationship with an external source, someone who’s been there and done that, and is happy to provide you with the benefit of their experience. It works both ways too, those with experience can sometimes feel personal fulfilment help someone in this way. We’re in a great position to help mentors and mentees connect, so if you’d be interested to find out more or volunteer as a potential HR/business mentor, we’d love to hear from you.

Our charity partner

The lowest rate of employment amongst disabled groups exists for those diagnosed with Autism, at just 21%. As such we’re proud to be able to partner with Ambitious about Autism as our nominated charity, to support the amazing work they do with such an under-represented group of society. They aim to build on their core expertise in education and employability while engaging more than ever before in the other areas that are essential for autistic children and young people to lead a fulfilling life, such as having supportive families and relationships, good health and wellbeing and being active citizens in their communities. We’d encourage individuals and employers to check out their website here to see how you can get involved.

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Our sister business MyHiringBuddy was created to help save valuable time for hiring managers, HR professionals and TA professionals who have a heavy recruitment burden. We bring all the recruitment know-how you’ll ever need into one place, to make your hiring life easier, quicker and more effective. Subscribers can gain access to an extensive suite of resources, from best practice guides across the hiring lifecycle, to expert reviews of recruitment tools and technologies, and our unique MyInterviewBuilder tool will dramatically cut down time you have to spend in thinking up new interview questions for each role you recruit.

This highly affordable tool enables employers to help their teams be more productive, with subscription options available for individuals, teams or whole companies.

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