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We are inviting HR leaders to participate in our current research project, examining the complexities of hiring for high performing, experienced HR generalist talent, with additional attention given to how companies are assessing cultural fit.

Below is an open link to the questionnaire, you just need to click and you are straight into it. The questionnaire is only 16 questions, so should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. This is directed specifically to HR leaders, and naturally the more respondents there are, the more valuable the resulting data will be. So I would really appreciate your participation and honesty!

The results will be completely anonymous.

In part what prompted this research, came out of some interesting themes to emerge from within our network of in-house recruitment professionals, challenging the use of ‘cultural fit’ in candidate selection, as a potential source of unconscious bias. Given this is often a key component of HR hiring decisions, and that HR professionals will typically be the champions of strong hiring practises, we felt it a worthy group to explore with, and hopefully the most receptive group to share the results with!

This survey is intended to gather first-hand information exploring hiring practises for experienced HR generalists, so specifically HRBP’s or Managers up to HR Directors, where decisions tend to become more layered in their dimensions. It will cover areas such as selection techniques, processes as well as perceived skills gaps amongst the experienced HR profession.

Please can you confine your answers to hiring for generalist HR roles at a Management/Business Partner/Leadership/Executive level, not HR Adviser and below.

Once the research is completed, we will share the findings together with our analysis, which we hope will provide some interesting results and observations for your consideration.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Please feel free to share this with other HR leaders in your network too, and this link will also be posted on LinkedIn to facilitate easy sharing.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.