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One of the positives to come out of the Covid crisis is the way in which people seem much more willing to support each other and their communities. It’s in this spirit I wanted to initiate a ‘shout out’ to those small enterprises and independents of all shapes and sizes, who could probably do with a little extra support to see them through this challenging period.

Can I ask all those who read this to have a think about any small enterprise that they particularly value, recommend and want to help out, and then click the link below to my LinkedIn feed and give them a big shout out.

Shout Out LinkedIn feed

This can be anything from a local retailer, coach, marketeer, accountant etc. As long as you think it might be of interest to new prospective consumers out there, spread the word.

Please give the following information and post it as a comment, and then like and share this post.

  • Company website
  • What do they do
  • Where are they (if relevant)
  • Link to their profile (if on LinkedIn, just enter @ followed by their name)

I’ll kick it off with one I particularly value at this time…..a wine seller!

Whirly Wines………definitely making use of this one at the moment! Check out their website

The difference in quality you can get from knowledgeable independents rather than those supplying to the masses is certainly something I value.