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What’s all this? As we get stuck into 2014 it seems we can barely blink without another positive report on the economic outlook for Britain…..or is this just how it feels after years of gloom! Falling unemployment, increased IMF growth projections, improved inflation rates……..and all because of the coalition government – so they’ll have you believe. Of course when thinks looked bad it was because of the market, not their policies!

Of course the realities of a free market economy are that the state will play a relatively minor role to impact the economy, despite all the furore around government policy. With this in mind I thought the recent article from The London Stock Exchange Group was noteworthy, offering a slightly different angle to review where the country’s economic fortunes may lie. This list shows a real mix of the companies that could help drive jobs in 2014, by sector, size, location, but importantly it isn’t simply relying on the usual turnover and profit reports, it includes reference to leadership and innovation. Of course The Highfield Partnership hasn’t been established long enough to feature on the report… day maybe!

So if you’d be interested to see the companies featuring, or learn more about the report, click this link